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Lost Generation

Photo by Bruno Feitosa from Pexels

Stepping off the curb oblivious to my surroundings

Startled by the loud screams the air filled with terrified cries

Burning rubber stopped short by my body

why didn't I look up

distracted by social media

likes and followers who wouldn't look out for me

WHY, why is this piece of metal glued to my hands

Look up you're distracted

Evil making plans to dominate our minds 

Steal our freedoms 

We've got our heads affixed to the nonsensical chatter

Over who's for the streets 

Same streets they do dirt on

Same streets our ancestors fought on

WHY, why are we willingly being possessed

Likes,shares follows

Can’t follow the guidance written into our DNA

Follow the road to peace not shallow friendships 

Not internet beef
We're all walking aimlessly jumping off the curb

We will never see reality until it hits us.


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