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I Am The Ocean

Poem By: Emerald Barnes 

My golden skin

Kissed by the sun

The light that lives within

Blinds darkness

Keeping my spirit afloat

Through agitated waves

Emotions triggered by hatreds storm

The rich blue water cleanses my soul

No storm can bring me crashing to the ocean floor

For strength and stillness were to me gifted

By a friend I can not see

My feet firmly planted in the sand

Enjoying the cool breeze

The ocean has a way of making saltiness sweet

Thunder and lightning boom and strike

An attempt to make me flee

But I am the ocean

Flowing freely unmoved by external chaos

Within me there is innocence

A soul so deep the naked eye can not see

Darkness forced to the bottom

Silencing the enemy




I am the ocean

Overflowing with love and compassion

Void of fear for I can cover over my transgressors

Golden skin kissed by the suns warmth

Sand between my toes

As I absorb the earth's energy

Warming a heart that for a moment grew cold

Like choppy water during a storm

Hatred has disturbed peace

Striking all in its path

But every storm

Comes to an end

Swept away or standing still

A choice you must soon make

For how long can you agitate the sea

before meeting your demise

Brown skin

Golden glow reflecting the light within

As the ocean stands still

So will I

Though tears may fall

And uncertainty rock my peaceful waters

shaking up fear and frustration

Sacred light will soon dry up my tears

Then happiness and peace will flow freely

Yes times are difficult to manage

But just as storms pass and the sea settles

So to will the outcome

In this chaos be

For hate and destruction will never reign supreme


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