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A Reminder From God

Feelings of inadequacy

Pull me to the ocean floor

Emotions filling my lungs

Leaving me lifeless floating aimlessly

Sea creatures wrestle my body

Searching for signs of life

Tenderly kissing my cheek

Bringing me to the surface, to light

The sun jolts me awake

The rays of light dry up my lungs

Freeing the grasp of the deep blue ocean

As I open my eyes, a voice I hear

It calls to me from beyond the blue sky

I gave you what you need, can you not see

Everything you are came from me

Am I not the one who created this vast sea

The very ground on which you sit

I created it

The inquisitive fish who your face kissed

I constructed their DNA

You long for validation

The love and acceptance from your peers

My child it is I who made them appear

Dry your eyes, stand on your feet

I have created you in the image of me

I know what you can do

Silently I stand with you hand in hand

When needed it is I who helps you stand

You can never be like those you see

You are special, I created you to be unique

Dry your eyes and look up at me

Remember in hard times

I’ve already given you what you need


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