Less Perfection. More Authenticity.

I’m Emerald Barnes a freelance writer focused on helping you find mental peace and clarity in a hectic world.

I specialize in Alternative health, entertainment, and Indigenous and African cultural , beauty and fashion content.

Authenticity and transparency are extremely important to me. Therefore, you can have full confidence that my work will help promote education and encourage connection.

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"Emerald – Thanks for providing me with inspiration and hope, and for renewing my focus on having a mindset of gratefulness and never taking anything for granted!”– Sarah Walker, social media guru + endless advocate.

"Really beautiful. It has a voice and a rhythm that belongs to you, but you really bring the reader in." – Jen Lopez, rockstar baker.

"Emerald – you have such an amazing gift! I’m so glad that your ability to paint these powerful pictures with your words has been restored and that you are again sharing that gift! I hope you’re aware of the impact you are having on the people who have the privilege to encounter your work. Just your personal strength and resilience is more than enough to inspire but your ability to express that through the art of your poetry is doubly amazing! I look forward to seeing all that you’ll continue to accomplish on your journey!" – Jill Adlin, fast talkin' big-hearted y'all-er.

"Emerald, You are an incredibly talented individual! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art of poetry with us at Control Bionics. Your messages are truly inspirational and demonstrate how strong you are. You have overcome adversity with your positive attitude, tenacity, and grit. Keep up the amazing work you do- you are touching more lives than you may know!"Randal McCormack, soft-spoken, huge-hearted Mama

“ The human capacity for burden is like bamboo – far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.”

A decade ago due to muscle weakness and dysarthria related to Mitochondrial myopathy unspecified, I lost my voice, the instrument by which I can share my thoughts and feelings with the world.

No matter how hard I tried I could not put into words the burning pain and anguish I felt as I struggled to maneuver myself as a newly disabled young adult. In the process, I became severely depressed and nearly lost my life.

Finding my voice, was important to me because it helped to bring me out of the dark space I was drowning in. I needed to feel validated all the time and that is a dangerous trait to have.

Now that some time has passed and I have found my voice with the Trilogy device by Control Bionics, I won’t stop speaking until my body says it can no longer fight.

All people need to find their voice and zone in on that one true passion that will keep them going. This world is a strange and difficult place but when you find your voice, nothing can silence you.

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